KJ Pro 7 Series

The Extreme model, for Strong Athletes and/or heavy people. 

KJ Pro7, can return up to double the energy compared to the standard XR series models for the general public.  It includes the versatile T-Springs TS-Pro7 plus 2 steel coil springs, which can optionally be added on the T-Spring, to make the spring system even harder to compress.  The KJ Pro7 incorporates all the latest patented technology and is the most effective, efficient and versatile product available in its category.

How does KJ Pro7 compare to KJ-XR3?

KJ Pro7 IPS (spring system) is harder to compress. It can return up to 100% more energy than the XR series models. The shells are wider and longer(on size L/XL only ).

Their new, patented T-Spring design is the most versatile developed to date: you can add a strong steal spring in-between the 2 bands, to adapt the compression to your workout. For instance, plyometric exercises (explosive strength training) require a maximum compression resistance. Jogging a milder one.

Originally KJ Pro model was designed for men only. However, as soon as we started advertising them we got overwhelmed with angry messages from women who felt left out and insisted we offer this model for women too. We had to react immediately. Now KJ Pro is also available for women.

Size range: S-XL (US men 3-15 / US women 4-12 / EU 36-48). Women’s sizes S and M (US 4-9 / EU 36-41) are fitted with lighter shells.

There is no upper weight limit for the XR serie models. However, the heavier you are, the lesser rebound effect you will get. Because the energy return potential of the XR spring system is limited. KJ Pro7 have a much higher energy return potential and are therefore more suitable for heavy individuals.

Product Name: KJ Pro 7 Series

Price: €289.00