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Facebook: Kangoo-Club-Mooncoin-2088205527986831/
Telephone: 0868710101
Age: 33
Gender: Female

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Hi! May name is Liene Jumburga. I’m from Latvia living in Ireland since 2005. First time I tried Kangoo Jumps back in 2014. Did few classes- absolutely loved it but thought it wasn’t for me as after having my first child my bladder wasn’t my best friend. Then 2 years later in 2016 i had my second child and i found hard to go back to gym with 2 kids as my knees and ankles were sore from doing HIT class or bootcamp class or just running ( before I had kids I was running up to 15 km 3 times a week) And just like a sign Jekaterina came to me to get her nails pumpered. And I went back to Kangoo Jumps to first get an aerobic cert and then joined her classes. Eventually I decided to become an instructor. And I’m loving it. And I can honestly say that Not Only me but everyone who have tried it is after falling in Love with Kangoo Jumps. It’s best workout for the entire body in One class. Endless benefits to all age groups. Now my knees and ankles doesn’t hurt no more when I’m running and jumping in Kangoo Jumps Boots.


Kangoo Power
10am-11am Mondays in Mooncoin Community Hall

7pm-8pm Thursdays in Mooncoin Community Hall